Sunday, September 27, 2009

ASA Top 10!

The annual American Sociological Association conference took
place this Summer. The ASA president was Professor Patricia
Hill Collins.

Beverly Pratt shares her top ten favorite moments
from the event. Please let us know your opinions of ASA!

ASA 2009 Top Ten List

10. Enjoying UMD’s Sociology community 3,000 miles away
from our offices.
9. Plenary sessions loaded with sociological abstractions
and praxes.
8. Networking with Sociologists whose Sociological Imaginations
are similarly inspired.
7. Food, food, and more food (Mexican, Italian, Japanese)… yum(!).
6. Enjoying the colorful tapestry and diversity of San Francisco.
5. Attending sessions with your Sociological super-heroes.
And sometimes even getting to be on the same panel as them.
4. Roaming around searching for Foucault-haunts.
3. Being able to escape the mid-Atlantic humidity for some
northern California weather.
2. Dr. Collins’ “The New Politics of Community”
address… woo hoo!!!
1. Getting to cheer for Dr. Collins as a community!!!

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