Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Letter from the Editress

Welcome to Volume 2!

This volume represents what I think many of us wanted to see in this edition. Students at different levels in the program have contributed pieces on various topics including innovative research methods, balancing graduate work with family responsibilities and interesting conferences. We also share personal experiences and reflections on sociology, health and married life. There is even a special sociology comic strip!

Given the theme of Imagine, professors Melissa Milke and Jeff Lucas describe their ideal winter breaks in.

Finally, keeping up with students who have completed the program is a trend that I would like to see in future editions. In this volume, Dr. Young Chun, former Maryland sociology student, discusses his current position at the University of Chicago.

It has been great working with everyone on this project. I happily pass the torch to Beverly Pratt who will be next semester’s editress.

Happy holidays!

Kathryn Buford

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